If you’re a female and went to the restroom at La Perla in West Kendall, there’s a solid chance its sleazeball manager Hajime Maruyana saw you less than fully clothed.

Why? Well Maruyana is facing criminal charges after detectives believe he placed a hidden camera in the women’s bathroom, per the Miami Herald.

Detectives believe that Hajime Maruyana — after being alerted by the angry customer — pocketed and hid the camera’s memory chip before police officers arrived.

Here’s how this sick, sick bastard was caught.

Last Friday night, according to a newly released arrest report, Betsy Morales took her toddler daughter to the restroom at the Peruvian restaurant. Inside, she noticed a “small device” attached to the pipe underneath the sink facing the toilet.

Sounds like a horror film already.

She pried the device from the pipe and a small orange-and-white digital memory card fell from the camera. Morales took the camera to her husband seated inside the restaurant and they researched the device on the Internet. They discovered the camera was motion activated.

“Concerned for what the recorder might have captured,” the couple notified the staff, according to the arrest report.

That’s when Maruyana “without hesitation took the recording device” from the couple and walked away. Morales followed, demanding to see what images that camera had recorded.

As if he’s not 100-percent guilty.

Maruyana “became very nervous” and began pacing around the restaurant “as if attempting to get away” from Morales, the report said. She lost sight of him for a few brief moments.

When Maruyana finally agreed to plug the camera into a restaurant computer, it showed nothing — but Morales noticed that the chip was now missing.

“I didn’t do it,” Maruyana stammered when questioned by Morales about the missing chip, the report said.

When the cops showed, Maruyana had a lawyer with him and declined to say a word. He was charged with tampering with evidence in a video voyeurism investigation, and resisting arrest without violence.

Interestingly La Perla actually has four stars on Yelp.