LeBron James loves him some Miami winters.

If this video taken by Miami-based trainer David Alexander is recent — it was posted to Instagram this afternoon — it appears King James has taken his second mid-season vacation to the Magic City in the last 13 months after his rehab in Miami last January.

Here he is dropping DJ Khaled quotes to his wife mid-treadmill.

It’s certainly logistically feasible. The Cavs played Indiana at home last night and don’t play again until they host Washington on Friday.

Considering Cleveland is, well, Cleveland and James runs things in that organization, it’s not crazy to think he hopped a jet down south to soak in some warmth and a workout in the land he called home just two seasons ago.

LeBron also sent out some cryptic tweets today about making mistakes.


Meanwhile his team, despite holding down the No. 1 spot in the Eastern Conference, is amid some turmoil. Their second and third best players in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love don’t play defense and their plus-5.7 point differential this season doesn’t scream championship contender.

LeBron, with his midseason Miami vacations and all, still reeks of a man harboring some regret.

Update: Apparently his trainer posted the two at Komodo in Brickell last night.

He also posted a photo to his Instagram.

Nothing like being around great people! Great dinner, great times!

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LeBron’s second in-season Miami vacation has been confirmed.