Amin Elhassan, a former member of the Phoenix Suns’ front office, was the lone ESPN NBA analyst to pick the Miami Heat to win the Eastern Conference before the season.

Amin doubled down on the red and black amid a heavy dose of Miami sports radio yesterday.

“I’m taking all my chips and I’m doubling down on this Heat team to win the East,” Elhassan said on the Ethan Skolnick Show with Chris Wittyngham. “That’s right America, I think the Heat are gonna win the East.”

The Heat (34-26) is currently the No. 4 seed in the East, behind the Cavs, Raptors, and Celtics.

Another interesting conversation began when the NBA insider touched on Joe Johnson the day after the new Heat addition poured in 24 points on just 13 shots against the Bulls.

What makes Joe special for Miami, Amin says, is he brings “peer status.”

“And what does that mean? It means we know for the Miami Heat to truly be successful, Dwyane Wade has to be able to let go of the steering wheel a little bit and let the other guys do what they do. For whatever reason, he didn’t seem willing to do that up until now but because he views Joe Johnson as a peer, he is more willing to let go of that steering wheel, more willing to kind of pick and choose his spots where he’s gonna be superman versus just being one of the guys and that ultimately is gonna take Miami I think to places of success.

“It’s when they have a diversified offense… it’s when you don’t know, how do I stop this team because they have so many different weapons and any single one could go off on a single night. That’s when Miami is really going to be at its best.”

Amin is 100-percent correct.

For the Heat to have any shot of a deep postseason run they’re going to need to play as one. No ball stopping, less isolations, and pure team basketball.

🎙Amin El Hassan on the Ethan Skolnick Show with Chris Wittyngham [790 the Ticket]