There is no more polarizing player in the NBA than Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside, who spoke of the long chat he had with Erik Spoelstra during the NBA All Star break, per the Miami Herald.

“He told me I’m a top-15 player talent [wise]. It’s just if I’m willing to come out and play like it every night,” Whiteside said. “Spo’s motto is 1 percent better. I can come out here and have 10 blocks. It doesn’t matter.

“He talks about being a better defender, being a better offensive player, being a better teammate, being a better person. We have an understanding of each other. We talked for so long. Me and coach Spo, we worked our way up to get here. Spo is my guy.”

No question the talent is elite as Whiteside has shown of late, averaging 18.0 points, 15.2 rebounds, and 4.2 rebounds after the break on 58-percent shooting from the field and an unbelievable 78 percent from the line.

More than the stats, he’s setting vicious screens while playing smart team-friendly defense which wasn’t always the case earlier in the season.

At this point it’d be shocking if Whiteside didn’t sign a contract hovering around 20 million a season this summer. The question is whether it will be with Miami.