Miami is the home of toasty winters, lavish homes, celebrity clientele, and now pole dancing for children.

Yes, the Broward New Times has learned that KittyKat Pole Dancing in Midtown Miami is now offering your 10-year-old daughter the ability to learn the ways of the pole in her preteen years… for exercise of course.

But get this, parents aren’t buying in.

“There’s a big pushback because of the pole,” Muniz says. “It’s the acrobatic side we want to teach, not little girls in high heels wearing tutus and sexy dancing.”

No shit there’s a pushback because of the pole.

South Florida parents have enough crap to worry about tainting their precious children. Now they’re going to voluntarily sign up little Jessica for 60 minutes of how to move like a stripper? Get out of here.

“I don’t have to tell you that children are overweight,” Muniz says. “This is a great form of fitness. The pole for kids is no different than a barre for ballet. It’s just inverted.”

And demented.

Muniz says she noticed children who accompany their moms to class take naturally to the pole. “Kids love it,” she says. “They climb up and down and hang upside down. They just go for it.”

“Take naturally to the pole?” Jesus. How about they take up soccer? I’d rather unleash bees on my unborn daughter as a form of exercise than her taking the fast track towards an identity like Candy or Destiny.

And I thought the Kardashians were ruining America’s youth.

Here’s the description of the stripper-in-training class on their website:

Age Range from 10- 18. This class is structured, here the little & teen ones will learn spins and climbs. There is no dancing in this class. Boys and girls are allowed . The approach is to have another form of fitness to the younger generation . It could be consider an acrobatic class the difference is that we are using a pole . This is great class to develop arm and core to the little and teen ones. Parents are allowed to watch the class.