While the Miami Heat has technically been better with Chris Bosh sidelined, winning eight out of 10 games since the break, rational fans fully comprehend the team isn’t actually better without one of the best two-way bigs in the sport.

Luther Campbell is not among them, writing 200 fruitless words and change about the team being better off without the 11-time NBA All-Star.

Clueless Campbell unveils his incredibly weak understanding of the sport, writing Bosh’s game “forced the Heat to play at a slower, plodding pace.”

Wrong. The Heat playing two bigs forced the Heat to play a slower pace.

Without Bosh, the team was forced to unleash Luol Deng at the 4, which has done wonders to revitalize the 30-year-old’s game. It’s also opened up the floor for Goran Dragic.

There’s also this dude named Joe Johnson, who has infused some much-needed shooting on a team devoid of long-range threats. The team is outscoring opponents by 22.6 points per 100 possessions with Johnson on the court.

But in Luke’s eyes:

Miami winning + no Bosh = Miami is better without Bosh.

What he fails to realize is Miami’s offense would be even more dangerous with Bosh at the five over Whiteside because of CB’s threat to hit the three, something Whiteside isn’t capable (yet) of doing.

Campbell writes that even if Bosh’s health improves, he “doesn’t fit” as a starter. Please hold on while I waterboard myself.

In fact, Dragic, Whiteside, and the rest of the players no longer have to stand around waiting for Bosh or Heat lifer Dwyane Wade to kick the ball out to them. Even if Bosh rebounds and can play again, he doesn’t fit as a starter on this team.

The problem is the Heat can’t trade Bosh or make him retire. There are three years left on his $118 million contract. He may have to accept a role as one of the league’s expensive sixth men.

Uncle Luke is a box-score watcher, armed with a cannon spewing hot takes. It’s time the Miami New Times removes that cannon or we’re going to be forced to cut off the man’s fingers.

He doesn’t understand Bosh is capable of thriving in any type of offense because he scores efficiently both off the bounce and the catch — this is a rarity. Luke doesn’t understand Bosh’s ability as as defender because he doesn’t see the soaring block totals. Nevermind that Bosh is one of the savviest players and also one of its best pick-and-roll defenders.

The Miami New Times does some damn good work but Uncle Kook’s takes of buffoonery sure are getting old.