With the Miami Dolphins likely cutting ties with Brent Grimes, his wife Miko’s days of being a distraction appear to be over.

Meanwhile the Sun Sentinel’s Omar Kelly doesn’t even think she’s an issue. Of course, Kelly used to host a radio show with Miko on 560 WQAM before she was arrested before a Dolphins game last season.

“There are a lot of people that want to portray Miko as a problem. If Miko was a problem they would’ve cut him a long time ago,” Kelly said on the Joe Rose Show this morning. “He’s still a playmaker. He’s still one of the better playmakers in the league… I have a hard time believing that Miko Grimes is such a colossal problem and some team that doesn’t do stupid stuff won’t have an issue with her. We’ll certainly see based on what the market is.”

“People are obsessed with Miko and it’s very unhealthy. I don’t bring her up regarding Brent primarily because she has nothing to do with Brent’s football career… Miko is his biggest asset. To be honest with you, Brent probably wouldn’t even be in the NFL right now if it wasn’t for Miko.

It’s hard not to attribute these comments to nepotism.

Kelly went on to say he’s talked to multiple teams that “aren’t even concerned with Miko” and that he’d “kill for a ride-or-die chick like that.”

Damn, Omar! I think he’s just jealous of Brent’s birthday cakes, which are pretty amazing.


To say a player’s wife isn’t a problem when she’s continuously publicly berating the team’s starting quarterback is silly. Some teams in win-now mode might look past it. Many won’t.

It becomes increasingly more difficult to look past a player’s baggage when he’s no longer at the top of his game. Brent, while still a quality football player, is no longer the playmaking freak he once was.

🎙 Omar Kelly on Joe Rose Show [560 WQAM]