“Winning in Miami was way more pressure than this,” LeBron James said on Saturday during the Cavaliers’ practice.

Even more pressure than bringing a ring to a championship-thirsting city like Cleveland that hasn’t won a title in major professional sports for what seems like 300 years?

“For me, I understand the history of Cleveland sports but I’m not a part of the whole history,” James said. “I’m a part of nine seasons, I’m not a part of 58 seasons or whatever the hell that is. So I don’t think the expectation for 50-plus years has been to win a championship. In Miami it was if you didn’t win, you bust, straight up, while we were there for those four years. I think that was just the pressure around us and we handled it very well. We were a group that really didn’t let the pressure get to us too much. We were a veteran group and we actually liked it that way. We liked a little conflict and a little pressure.”

Whether LeBron truly is willing to turn his back on Cleveland for the second time, he’s taking Cavs fans on a highly uncomfortable ride.

Props to @Miami__H3AT for pointing this out.