Welcome to the Miami Sports Bracket, our cleverly named tournament featuring 64 notable names representing South Florida’s four major professional sports teams and the media that covers them.

An anonymous committee of 12 brave souls contributed to the seeding of this bracket, which is broken down by four regions (Front Office, Courtside, Players, and Media), each comprised of four sub categories with four names apiece.

Please note: the committee absolutely manipulated seeding to present intriguing matchups at all costs. If your name is on this bracket, please take no offense, as this bracket, in its entirety, was not meant to disrespect any of its participants, in its entirety.

Many deserving candidates were left off because each sub-category has only four people. For instance, “sports-talk radio” only features Dan Le Batard, Stugotz, Joe Rose, and Marc Hochman.

Voting starts Thursday.

View the full bracket enlarged here.

Front Office Region

The front office region represents the four major professional sports owners, coaches, presidents, and general managers. Naturally three Miami Marlins brought up the rear.

Wonder who wins the (1) Pat Riley vs. (16) Jeffrey Loria and (2) Micky Arison vs. (15) David Samson matchups in Round 1.

Owners  – Micky Arison, Stephen Ross, Vincent Viola, Jeffrey Loria

Coaches – Erik Spoelstra, Don Mattingly, Gerard Gallant, Adam Gase

Presidents – Pat Riley, Rory A. Babich, Mike Tannenbaum, David Samson

General Managers – Andy Elisburg, Dale Tallon, Chris Grier, Michael HillUpdated Riles

Courtside Region

Our courtside region is comprised of the mascots, PA announcers, superfans — we chose two super Heat fans considering there aren’t any notable celebrity Panthers fans to our knowledge — and WAGs (wives and girlfriends).

Note: Mrs. Sen-Fizdale is the wife of Heat assistant David Fizdale and Kristian Fong is the girlfriend of Dolphins center Mike Pouncey. God bless Andrew Imber, the Panthers’ PA guy, who faces Gabby Union in the opening round.

No. 2 seed Alyssa Nelson is the famous young lady sitting behind the basket a few weeks ago who set Twitter on fire with her courtside-friendly outfit.

Mascots – Burnie, Billy the Marlin, Stanley C Panther, T.D.

PA Announcers – Mike Biamonte (Heat), Kenny Walker (Dolphins), Chad Robinson (Marlins), Andrew Imber (Panthers)

Superfans  Alyssa Nelson, Veronica Rodriguez, Daniel Tosh, Marlins Man

WAGs – Gabby Union, Natasha Sen-Fizdale, Kristian Fong, Lauren Tannehill


Players Region

Next we have the players region, the most valuable contributors on the court, field, turf, and ice. I admittedly do not care for hockey (and neither does roughly 95 percent of South Florida) so I reached out to @CPress_17 and @JoshAppel for some much-needed assistance.

I nearly had Justise Winslow in there over Dwyane Wade but figured I wouldn’t live to see the morning.

Heat – Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Goran Dragic, Hassan Whiteside

Marlins – Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Fernandez, Dee Gordon, Christian Yelich

Dolphins – Ndamukong Suh, Jarvis Landry, Reshad Jones, Cam Wake

Panthers – Jaromir Jagr, Alexander Barkov, Roberto Luongo, Aaron Ekblad


Media Region

The media region will likely become the most volatile.

We have a couple of conflicting matchups in Round 1, with two sets of partners squaring off, highlighted by (1) Dan Le Batard vs. (16) Stugotz. You better believe the gotz is kicking camaraderie aside and going for the upset of the century.

As for (8) Eric Reid vs. (9) Tony “Stats” Fiorentino, they have one of the more interesting dynamics in the broadcast booth considering there’s a very strong chance Eric “accidentally” pushes Tony out of a hotel window in the near future.

Kidding! We love Tony and his stats.


Game Broadcast – Eric Reid, Mike Inglis, Tony Fiorentino, Rich Waltz

Local TV – Steve Shapiro, Jim Berry, Will Manso, Adam Kuperstein

Writers – Barry Jackson, Ethan Skolnick, Greg Cote, Dave Hyde

Sports-Talk Radio – Dan Le Batard, Joe Rose, Marc Hochman, Stugotz


Voting Schedule:

Round 1: March 17-18

Round 2: March 21-22

Sweet 16: March 23-24

Elite 8: March 25

Final 4: March 28-29

Championship: March 30

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