The 2016 Miami Sports Bracket was unveiled yesterday afternoon and today kicks off a couple weeks of intense voting.

Up first is the Media Region, comprised of the following four categories (four names apiece), broken down as follows. Remember, these matchups were absolutely manipulated for entertainment reasons by the anonymous 12-member selection committee.

Game Broadcast – Eric Reid, Mike Inglis, Tony Fiorentino, and Rich Waltz

Local TV – Steve Shapiro, Jim Berry, Will Manso, and Adam Kuperstein

Writers – Barry Jackson, Ethan Skolnick, Dave Hyde, and Greg Cote.

Sports-Talk Radio – Dan Le Batard, Joe Rose, Marc Hochman, and Stugotz

The most intriguing matchups are unquestionable the two battles of coworkers.

Can No. 16 Stugotz rile up his army of hot-take spewing sycophants to upset No. 1 Dan Le Batard? Can Tony “Stats” Fiorentino shock the world and kaboom Eric Reid out of the tournament on Day 1? It’s all in your hands.

Voting ends 24 hours after it begins. Voting for the Front Office region begins at noon.

Front Office voting begins this afternoon.