We march forward in Round 1 of the Sports Media Bracket, introducing the compelling Courtside Region.

Yesterday we saw some shocking first-round upsets in the Media Region, highlighted by No. 16 Stugotz shredding No. 1 Dan Le Batard. Things were different in the Front Office Region, where the Heat’s front office sliced through Jeffrey Loria and his Marlins cohorts.

The Courtside Region is comprised of the following four categories (four names apiece), broken down as follows.

Mascots – Burnie, Billy the Marlin, Stanley C Panther, T.D.

PA Announcers – Mike Biamonte (Heat), Kenny Walker (Dolphins), Chad Robinson (Marlins), Andrew Imber (Panthers)

Superfans –  Alyssa Nelson, Veronica Rodriguez, Daniel Tosh, Marlins Man

WAGs – Gabby Union, Natasha Sen-Fizdale, Kristian Fong, Lauren Tannehill

As for introductions, Alyssa Nelson is the famous lady in black below, Veronica Rodriguez is a porn star and huge Miami Heat fan, Kristian Fong is Mike Pouncey’s girlfriend, and Natasha Sen-Fizdale is the wife of Heat assistant David Fizdale.

Voting closes Saturday at noon.

Voting in the Players Region begins this afternoon.