LeBron James is likely spending the rest of his NBA playing days in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform, but that hasn’t stopped people from contemplating a return to “South Beach.”

However ESPN’s Dan Le Batard doesn’t even think Pat Riley picks up the phone.

“I’m not sure they’d take him back,” Le Batard said on his radio show this morning. “I’m not sure and that’s the first time I would say that because at any other time they would take him back. I’m not that sure right now that they would and if the choice is between him and Kevin Durant the answer is no.

“Keep in mind I’m not doing this based on talent I’m doing it based on talent that’s slightly diluted combined with just the damage that he did to the relationships here… The Riley stuff is absolutely beyond repair. Absolutely.”

He went on to say it’s “a leap to assume any of it” but even if LeBron pushed for it he doesn’t Riley complying.

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