The salt keeps pouring out of Cleveland as Cavs “Nation” is on full tilt, probably facing the reality that LeBron James isn’t going to be enough to bring them their first pro championship in 300 years.

That and the fact he apparently unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter — the chutzpah!

“It’s the bully attitude,” ESPN Cleveland’s Aaron Goldhammer said of Miami fans. “The memes — you think you’re being funny but really it comes across like you’re being a bunch of bullies. Yes, you got the rings. Congratulations. You got the banners. For you guys to be all bitter at LeBron I totally don’t understand how that is. I feel like in South Beach, they think that they deserve everything ’cause they have the nice weather and the good restaurants and that everyone should want to go and be there. You’ve got to understand we haven’t won a championship in Cleveland since 1964. I can’t even cant h0w many championships Miami has won since then. We’re just trying to get one. Ok? And the fact that LeBron came back, that should be exciting for us because we don’t get to win championships every other year like you do in South Beach or Chicago and rubbing that in our faces with the superficial, materialistic attitude that you bring to it — it’s just obnoxious. Y’all are obnoxious and frankly I’m thinking about blocking some of you on Twitter because it’s getting a little over the top because you have to be a good person.

“The world judges you by how you treat other people and Heat Nation, in general, you’re superficial fans to begin with. You’re just obnoxious. So congratulations on all your titles but you’re not great fans and most of all YOU’RE NOT GREAT PEOPLE. So you have to go to bed every night with THAT on your mind… Like you get some sort of pleasure from beating down on the little guy — that’s called being a bully!”


The GALL of Miami fans to have some fun over kicking the crap out of the first-place Cavs! Goldhammer — excellent name, by the way — has to realize the Cavs aren’t “the little guy” anymore. Miami is chasing Cleveland.

Folks from “The Land” may not know what a championship banner looks like but the Cavs are most definitely the clear-cut favorites out of the East. When a team that has experienced a rollercoaster season throttles a first-place squad on their home court, they’re going to feel DAMN GOOD ABOUT IT.

Add in the fact that it’s LeBron on the other end and it makes it that much sweeter. Most intelligent Miami fans are appreciative of LeBron’s four years. But the passive-aggressive, power-thirsty superstar is no longer wearing red and black . Do we not have a right to root against him and have some fun while doing so?

Goldhammer, are sports not supposed to be fun? Is it not a source of entertainment? These Cleveland Cavatears and their media take this thing far too seriously.

Carry on your Cavs “bullying,” Heat Nation. Just know “you’re not great people” according to Aaron Goldhammer.

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