The seemingly never-ending Miami Sports Bracket slugs forward with two matchups pitting coworkers against each other.

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(16) Stugotz vs. (13) Greg Cote

The irony in our 790 the Ticket matchup is the two men Dan Le Batard jabs the most on his radio show are still standing while he sits on the sideline after getting eviscerated by the Stugotz Army in the first round.

Who deserves to advance: the hot-take spewing Stugotz or the longtime columnist who can’t remember break times?

(2) Joe Rose vs. (11) Marc Hochman

Our 560 WQAM clash features opposite sides of the spectrum:

  • Morning drive vs. afternoon drive
  • Pure sports vs. hot-takery
  • A full head of hair vs. well, less than a full head of hair

Big Dog or Hoch?

Voting ends Friday at noon and the Elite 8 begins an hour later.

Miami Sports Bracket Sweet 16