NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical didn’t drop any Woj Bombs this morning but he did come out swinging in a video on Yahoo Sports, boasting about the Miami Heat’s culture and threat to LeBron James and the Cavs in the playoffs.

“The Miami Heat linger as LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ worst nightmare in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs,” Woj said, “The possibility that coach Erik Spoelstra and star Dwyane Wade could lose Chris Bosh and still somehow be a formidable threat to humiliate James in May.

“As James’ wandering eye pushes away his all-star teammates in Cleveland, Wade honors the Heat culture and binds that group closer and closer. The drama left South Beach with James in the summer of 2014, returning the Heat to the identity of fierce workmanship, an identity of duty and task that once lured James there. Six years ago, James chose Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra’s culture because he knew he needed not only the talent on the court there but the franchise’s structure and professionalism. Miami has cobbled together a dangerous roster and Spoelstra, the best coach James ever had, is so so dangerous in game-planning a best-of-seven playoff series.”

Cue Heat fans rubbing their nipples in bliss.


“If James’ success and failures have taught him anything it’s taught him this: culture matters. The Miami Heat lost James years ago but they never lost themselves.”

Woj from the top rope.