How the hell did we get here?

The Final Four set up perfectly for a Pat Riley-Dwyane Wade showdown. Instead the blind but loyal army of (16) Stugotz and the cult of (11) Marlins Man have pushed these two into the Miami Sports Bracket final.

Early oddsmakers have pegged Stugotz as the slight favorite but don’t underestimate the sway of the orange visor. Judging from all the women flooding Marlins Man’s Instagram, it just might have supernatural ability.

They’re calling this one the Pillow Fight of the Century.


The winner receives a championship t-shirt(!) and ultimate bragging rights over the 63 men and women who failed to accomplish what only one can.

Update: Stugotz is your 2016 Miami Sports Bracket champion, topping Marlins Man by an 800-plus vote margin but it was rather close (55-45%) percentage wise.

Congrats Stu. Your championship shirt is in the mail.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the South Florida community.

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stu champ-2