The Miami Marlins, run by the worst front-office tandem in professional sports in Jeffrey Loria and David Samson, continue to suck the soul out of baseball in South Florida.

In a detailed look at how the franchise — despite essentially stealing a kick-ass new stadium — remains among the MLB’s lowest in payroll, the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson revealed some interesting details about their TV deal with Fox Sports and how that affects their lacking payroll, which currently stands at $70 million.

One big reason for the low payrolls: The Marlins make only $20 million or so in annual local television money from Fox Sports, the lowest of any cable contract in baseball, in a deal that runs through 2020, according to industry sources.

The Marlins are likely never going to collect anywhere near the annual local TV money of the Yankees ($385 million), Dodgers ($334 million) or Phillies ($200 million).

But how can they be so far below the Rangers ($155 million), Mariners ($141 million) and Padres ($70 million), among others?

“We negotiated a deal in 2005 that we thought was the best deal that made the most sense,” Samson said. “And we were wrong.”

This is the same man who appeared on Survivor in the “Brains Tribe.”

Are you kidding me? So you and your vile step-father are going to continue to pump out a cheap product because YOU — not the fans — made an egregious error in negotiating the last TV deal?

I despise cursing in writing — it rarely adds anything — but get THE FUCK outa here. It’s the fans who end up suffering, per usual in this “relationship.” This front office lucking into two transcendent talents in Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Fernandez is nauseating.

But let’s not stop at just TV revenue. How about we blame poor attendance too?

The poor attendance is hurtful, Samson said, because it also means less revenue from parking, as well as retail and food and beverage sales at the stadium. And the number of people who actually come to games has often been substantially below the number of tickets sold.

[cracking my knuckles]

“We’re not exactly selling out the building,” Samson said. “We haven’t won in this ballpark. I don’t blame the fans. I blame us. We hope we’re right with this core of players.”

No shit you’re not selling out the building. Why would fans, who have been bamboozled time and time again, support your product unless it’s of the highest quality? Even then, they shouldn’t support it because it’s run by a bunch of selfish, cheap cowards who never have their best interest in mind.

Professional sports owners have an obligation to their fans to put the highest quality product out there, especially after landing a new, FREE stadium in a city that will only support winning teams (as they should).

The article also mentions the Marlins insist Loria incurs annual losses, which we should all believe at face value because they have never shown a propensity for lies, theft, and deceit.

Another problem: The Marlins haven’t been able to secure a stadium naming rights deal, which could produce another $5 million or more in annual revenue.

Samson said the Marlins simply haven’t found the right partner but is adamant they will have a naming rights deal in place before the ballpark plays host to the 2017 All-Star Game.

If Samson wants the “right partner” how about TOTO, the toilet company? Your stolen ballpark — while awesome on the inside — looks like a fucking toilet.

For most fans, the ultimate goal is for their team to win a championship.

For Marlins fans, it’s the moment Loria sells. Shame on anyone who puts so much as a penny in his pocket.