Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd is in full let’s-give-Cleveland-a-heart-attack mode.

“I think LeBron could go back to Miami,” Cowherd said on his radio show Monday. “I honestly do. I don’t think LeBron will go to another team but I think if LeBron grows up in Cleveland, goes to Miami and wins rings, comes back to Cleveland, is incredibly frustrated with what’s going between Kyrie [Irving], Kevin Love, Dan Gilbert, I think he can go back to Miami and in the end just say it’s a better organization. For the record wouldn’t we all go, ‘yeah you’re right?’

“Pat Riley. Micky Arison. History of winning. Miami Free Agent destination. No state tax. Better weather. I’m telling you, when you look at what Miami’s putting together without LeBron… I think LeBron looks at Whiteside and Bosh, I thinks he looks at Pat Riley. And I’m not just spouting this off — there is a growing belief in this league that LeBron is not just unhappy. At a core level, the Cleveland thing he is having real regrets, from coaching, general managing… It’s an uneven relationship… LeBron is too dominant in this relationship. He cant dominate Pat Riley. He can’t dominate Micky Arison. He can’t dominate that city. Miami’s got options.”

“I truly believe if they flame out in the playoffs, LeBron’s gonna go like that dealer does in Vegas — I’m out.”

You can watch the whole spiel below.