Hassan Whiteside is unequivocally the NBA’s most improved player this season, but a lot of the credit should go to the Miami Heat‘s culture for developing the talented young big man with the epic quote game, says a prominent NBA broadcaster.

“He’s been the kind of player that has always tantalized scouts and coaches but has never maybe found the right environment,” NBA on TNT’s Kevin Harlan said on the Ethan Skolnick Show with Chris Wittyngham, “and I think I would credit more to the culture he finds himself in right now with the Heat, which is about as strong a culture as any single organization in basketball. I wold say the equal of the Spurs organization, Golden State, I mean the best of the best have that foundation that has got some deep roots and they can handle kids like Whiteside.

“You have to have the right address I think sometimes to really find the great place to thrive and that is what this provided him. They had the tools, the people, a coach who I think has got a lot of depth even though he’s so young, a quality assistant staff, all beginning with Riley and the different components that he has put around the team, behind the scenes and right in front of us. It took that kind of address I think to make him into what he is.”

🎙 Kevin Harlan on Ethan Skolnick Show with Chris Wittyngham [790 the Ticket]