The Miami Dolphins could have “New York” all up in their next stadium name, according to 940 WINZ’s Andy Slater, who reports the team has purchased among six other domains, alluding to potential naming rights sponsorships.

NBC Miami and 790 the Ticket’s Adam Kuperstein reported last night Hard Rock and Qatar Airways are two possible sponsors as well.

The other domains (in addition to Hard Rock and Qatar) gobbled up by the Dolphins, per Slater, are listed below: (General Motors)

While the name of the stadium is certainly not a big deal, to even consider anything with “New York” in it would be blasphemous.

The rivalries between Miami and New York sports teams certainly haven’t been intriguing of late but fans of each city’s teams still despise each other. Can you imagine the joy those stinking Jets fans would have knowing the Dolphins live in New York Life Stadium?

We still prefer more entertaining options like Everclear Stadium (drink the pain away), Poo-Pourri Park (erase the stink), or Brazzers Stadium (always so many holes to fill).