The folks of the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz think the Miami Heat’s broadcasting team on Fox Sports Sun in Eric Reid and Tony Fiorentino are butting heads.

That may or may not be the case but here was a comical snippet from last night’s Magic-Heat game which began when Tony brought up rookie Josh Richardson as a potential candidate for the NBA’s Most Improved Player.

Of course rookies aren’t eligible to win the award.

Fiorentino: “Eric, since I got that most improved ballot the other day I’ve been asking people in the NBA what do they think of who the most improved players are in the league and some of the people have mentioned Josh Richardson’s name.

Reid: “[Long pause] He can’t be most improved — he’s a rookie.”

Fiorentino: “I know but I’m just saying… I’m telling you what they told me. You’re right he can’t win that award but he’s improved since the beginning of the season… you have to have played the year before to get the most improved award.”

They’re like that elderly couple with one constantly getting on the other’s nerves. It’s harmless fun but we get a kick out of it.

Hopefully the marriage holds as we dive into the NBA Playoffs this weekend.