LeBron James continues to drop hints of a potential return to the Miami Heat, this time by sending Papi Le Batard not one, not two, not three, but 23(!) free pizzas from the LeBron-backed Blaze Pizza after Papi criticized the pizza on Highly Questionable.

“LeBron or LeBron’s people have sent a bunch of Blaze pizza over here,” Dan Le Batard said towards the end of his radio show on Tuesday. “My father is walking around like this pizza santa claus…

“Not only are there 23 pizzas that have been sent here because LeBron is trying to purchase my father’s allegiances and pave the way back to Miami with pizza, he’s also given my father a bunch of free pizza coupons. And my father is wandering around here passing them out while saying, “hey, I ain’t that cheap, I’m not gonna let up — my criticism is just gonna be fatter.”

[You can listen to the audio here]

If this isn’t the clearest indication LeBron James is replanting his talents in Miami this summer than I don’t know what is. The only question now is whether Pat Riley is willing to take him back.


Update: Papi responded to LeBron’s pizza bribe on Highly Questionable today:

“I still think that you stink… I still don’t like you, LeBron. The pizza’s good but I don’t like you.”

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