At 44, Jaromir Jagr is a NHL dinosaur.

With the Florida Panthers opening their postseason on Thursday — check out Cole’s in-depth preview here — we thought it was relevant to take a look back at the elderly freak’s training regimen, which Barry Jackson detailed in the Miami Herald.

Told that Panthers coach Gerard Gallant said he could take a day off at any time to keep fresh for a playoff run, Jagr revealed an oddity: “I don’t need a day off. It works the other way for me. The more I practice, the fresher I feel. I need to play every day. My body is totally different that anybody else. The more I rest, the worse I feel.”

Well then.

Here’s a snippet of his training program:

  • Working out 4.5 hours a day, three times the amount of most players.
  • He sprints — on the ice and off — wearing a 45-pound weight vest.
  • He fastens weights (2.5 to 5 pounds) to his ankles and often practices with a 10-pound plate on his stick.
  • His trainer pushes him as hard as possible 21 times from various angles to maintain balance.
  • He smacks a 8.5-pound medicine ball with his stick.

That program did Jagr well this season. He led the Panthers with 66 points and ranked third in plus/minus at +23.