The Miami Dolphins already pulled the trigger on one transaction that significantly affects their draft by moving down from No. 8 to No. 14 in a move to acquire two veteran pieces from Philadelphia.

To bolster their talent at the running back position in wake of missing on several free-agent targets and Lamar Miller‘s departure, ESPN’s Mike Sando thinks they should acquire Jamaal Charles using a third-rounder as bait.

“Charles turned 29 in December and is coming off knee surgery, so it’s not clear how much he would command in a trade. A highly motivated Charles could carry appeal through 2017, the final year of a contract carrying base salaries of $2.75 million (2016) and $3.75 million (2017).”


Yeah, I’m not sure how much appeal a running back turning 30 coming off his second significant knee injury is going to have on the trading block. Then again, this is the Miami Dolphins, a team known to bite hard on flash.

Adding the three-time All-Pro who ranks second among running backs in NFL history in yards per carry (5.5) could help sell the roster to fans who are probably still drinking heavily trying to forget last season.

The Dolphins’ unsuccessful effort to add restricted free agent C.J. Anderson from Denver showed the team was serious about adding a veteran back. For the Dolphins, parting with a draft choice this year might sting less with the knowledge that Miami stands to pick up a high compensatory choice next offseason after losing defensive end Olivier Vernon in free agency.

Whether they receive a high compensatory pick next year or not, trading a third-rounder is still trading a third-rounder. However, I’d contemplate it for a fifth.

Considering this team appears far off from contending, leveraging high draft picks for a running back well past his prime at a highly replaceable position doesn’t seem like the shrewdest way to manage a financially limited roster.

Despite his incredibly efficiency running the football, it’s not like adding Charles is going to vault the Dolphins into the Super Bowl conversation, no matter what Stephen Ross thinks. This is a team that should have one goal: stockpile as much young talent as possible.

Acquire another back in the draft or after preseason cuts. There are plenty to go around.