Shaq absolutely ripped into James Harden last night as the Rockets went down 2-0 in a series against the Golden State Warriors, saying “the problem with James Harden is he has no leadership skills.”

ESPN’s Dan Le Batard blasted Shaq’s hypocritical critique on his radio show Tuesday.

“Shaq won but in terms of exemplifying things that are leadership I find the messenger here to be a curious one,” Le Batard said. “Because I mean — out of shape, didn’t play hard a lot of the time…

“Do you think Shaq was a good leader? Because I don’t. What great leaders get traded 400 times when you’re as great as he is?… Questionable effort on defense, played for 100 teams, helped wreak a dynasty. In what world is anyone calling that person a leader?”

Shaq responded on Instagram.


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Superman and Wonder Woman

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And then the two went head to head.

Le Batard isn’t wrong.

Shaq, while one of the most dominant forces the Association has ever seen, was a shitty leader because he often put himself before his team. That was obvious in both Los Angeles and Miami.

Update: Shaq was lvid on his podcast about the feud, saying Le Batard’s “time is up at ESPN,” and his show “won’t be around next year, I guarantee it.”

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Photo by Keith Allison/Creative Commons