All-Pro cornerback Josh Norman, now an unrestricted free agent, has a 25-percent chance of landing with the Miami Dolphins, per the Sun Sentinel’s Omar Kelly in a radio interview on WQAM yesterday, despite a Miami Herald report saying they’re “likely out of the running.”

“It’s a possibility,” Kelly said on Hochman, Crowder, and Krantz. “I would give them probably a 25 percent chance. They’ll always be at the table. People don’t know why I ride for Steve Ross and I respect Steve Ross. It’s because he will always be at the table, especially when it comes to free agents from this standpoint: He’s willing to put his money where his mouth is and he’s willing to write that big check.

“That to me is the number one thing that I want my owner to do. I don’t care about what the stadium looks like even though it’s gonna be nice and plush and luxurious… but the number one is put your resources where your mouth is and because of Steve Ross’ reputation and his way, agents know If I get the Miami Dolphins to the table everybody’s offer has to raise a couple million dollars…

What’s Norman’s value?

“I think he’s worth 14 million a year,” Kelly said. “I think it’s very hard to find corners that have that kind of a ability.”

While the Dolphins certainly need a corner, this isn’t a team one or two or three or four or five pieces away and investing another huge chunk of their cap space into one player in free agency wouldn’t be the most prudent move, especially when you consider Ryan Tannehill and Ndamukong Suh will combine for a cap hit of roughly $40 million in 2017.

However, if the Dolphins are going to stink — by all means, this will be the case — adding a dynamic personality like Norman would bolster their entertainment value.

🎙 Omar Kelly on Hoch, Crowder, and Krantz [560 WQAM]