We’ve all seen it: Laremy Tunsil smoking weed through a gas mask.

It wasn’t enough to let the NFL Draft’s best offensive lineman and arguably top overall player slide past the protection-starved Miami Dolphins at No. 13. Credit Dolphins brass for having the balls to not run from the fire like everyone else and seize the tremendous value.

But Tunsil smoking weed as a teenager is not a big deal.

Unless you’re Armando Salguero, who apparently likens the substance to devil worship.

The Miami Herald’s Dolphins columnist asked GM Chris Grier what might end up being the most asinine question ever posed to a general manager:

As if Grier’s response in that moment was going to be, “nope, we’re fucked!”

And then he injected his column with a dose of stupidity by including this very question.

But if Tunsil is a dope… If Tunsil continues to be the dummy who was in the room with teammate Robert Nkemdiche when the defensive end was arrested for drug possession last year, then this pick is a firing offense.


The question is going to be, at least initially, not whether Tunsil loves football or is competitive. The question will be whether Tunsil loves football more than he loves drugs. I asked Grier, in his first draft as Miami’s general manager, that question.

“Yes,” he said without pause.

If a question has one answer — with 100 percent certainty — why ask it? Second, how can Armando infer the level of Tunsil’s “drug use” based off one instance of a benign drug? The only reason weed is a potential issue for NFL players is because the league moronically tests for it. For now… It’s going to be legalized for recreational use across the country, it’s just a matter of when.

The fact a player can be suspended for marijuana use when it gives them not an ounce of competitive advantage is even more ludicrous than Salguero’s question but that’s for a separate discussion entirely.

By all accounts he’s a smart guy, so this seems like an ego play more than anything else, wedging himself into the conversation, making this about the reporter when it should be about the kid amid what was supposed to be one of the greatest moments of his life. Until his Twitter and Instagram got hacked and he lost millions in a matter of minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.01.23 AM

Want to be critical of Tunsil for allowing his infamous bong hit to be videotaped? Fine, though most of us have done much stupider things as teenagers. But for Salguero to blindly ride this narrative is insulting to his platform.

For punishment, Armando should be forced to wear a gas mask while asking all further questions.