Could Brad Kaaya be taking home-field snaps in whatever the hell that stadium in Miami Gardens will be called for years to come?

The Big Lead’s Jason McIntyre released a 2017 NFL Mock Draft, because the internet’s thirst for mock drafts is unquenchable, and slotted Kaaya at No. 5 to the Miami Dolphins, the second QB chosen behind DeShaun Watson (No. 1 to Cleveland).

5. Miami Dolphins – Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami.

Looks the part (6-foot-4), and has put up solid numbers (61% completions, 83. ypa, 3,238 yards, but his TDs were significantly down from his freshman year). Short of a playoff trip, I think the Ryan Tannehill era is over in Miami.

While executing a mock draft even days before the actual draft is a futile mission, posting one a year out seems satirical at this point. But it’s fun so let’s entertain the nation of Kaaya calling Miami his long-term home.

McIntyre is partially correct in regards to Tannehill. While I don’t agree Tannehill’s future with the team is dependent on a postseason berth — this is a team sport and he could still thrive while his team misses the playoffs — he needs to show significant individual improvement for Miami not to look elsewhere for their quarterback of the future. The fact Miami hasn’t brought in any serious competition for Tannehill through his first four years in the league is staggering.

Kaaya doesn’t have the athleticism of the wideout-turned-quarterback but he does offer a couple things #17 lacks: he throws with anticipation and has strong pocket presence. The game comes more naturally to Kaaya while it often feels mechanical with Tannehill.

Whether NFL teams already regard Kaaya as an elite prospect is another discussion but if he takes another leap forward in the first year of the Mark Richt Era it will have scouts buzzing at a position where teams have shown a propensity to overpay.

Brad Kaaya as a first-round pick is certainly in play. The kid throws a beautiful ball.


Update: Some other way-too-early Mock Drafts have been trickling out, with ESPN’s Todd McShay slotting Kaaya No. 2 overall to San Francisco and Sports Illustrated having him go No. 1 overall to the Browns — bless his heart if the latter comes to fruition.