Dan Le Batard has turned his back on the city that feeds him in an effort to protect his producer, proclaiming the Miami Heat will get blown out by the Toronto Raptors in Game 2 on Thursday.

“I’m not gonna make you search around anymore for the comment,” he said during the local hour of his radio show Wednesday. “They’re losing Game 2, big. They need somebody man. I want to give you something that feels like the last four years. Leave Mike Ryan alone, I’m here… Heat lose by double-digits, Game 2.”

Because Heat fans no longer have the Windhorsts, Wilbons, and Simmonses to vent at, many turn to Le Batard Show producer Mike Ryan, whose past opinions about Goran Dragic follow him like a tail.

“This is an act of martyrdom,” Le Batard says. “I know the games aren’t as fun for you guys without being able to find someone that you can go after and scream at so I am here for you.”

Go yell at @LeBatardShow for his act of blasphemous treason.