Kyle Lowry — despite last night’s buzzer beater from halfcourt — is having a horrid postseason thus far, converting just 31 percent of his shots after eight games, including a 3-for-13 performance in Game 1 against the Miami Heat.

The speculation has been his elbow has been giving him issues but ESPN’s Zach Lowe says he’s hearing that is not the case.

“There’s all this talk about his elbow, what’s up with his elbow. The murmurs I’m hearing is that his elbow is fine,” Lowe said on his podcast Monday, “and that this is just a slump or something else going on mentally with him. Whatever it is he needs to snap out of it now…

“If Kyle Lowry is shooting 30 percent the Raptors are not gonna win this series.”

Lowe also made a claim we need to bookmark for future reference, regarding Dwyane Wade’s shooting:

“If [Wade] makes two threes again in a game in the playoffs I’m gonna eat my laptop.”

Never doubt Wade in Playoff Mode. Would you like ketchup with that laptop?

🎙 The Lowe Post [ESPN Radio]