One of ESPN’s sharpest NFL columnists in former Grantlander Bill Barnwell gave out offseason grades for the AFC East, and Miami Dolphins fans won’t be pleased.

He gave the fish a D+, with an outline of his thoughts in bullets below.


  • He liked the Laremy Tunsil pick: “Tunsil will slot in at guard for the time being and should end up as Miami’s left tackle for years to come, long after anyone has pretended to care about whether he smoked weed in college.”
  • Losing out on running back C.J. Anderson was a good thing: “Chances are that you can find a back like Anderson in the later rounds of the draft or in unrestricted free agency, and those backs don’t cost $6 million.”


  • Barnwell despised the trade with Philly that landed them Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell, calling Kiko “a low-cost flier” and Maxwell “a mess” with the Eagles. He would’ve preferred the Dolphins sign Sean Smith for a little more cash.
  • He thinks they got worse at defensive end, letting Olivier Vernon walk while adding Mario Williams.
  • He criticized them for trading up repeatedly in the draft and didn’t like the Cameron Wake extension: “The chances are greater that the Dolphins paid for the player they’re hoping Wake still is instead of the guy who shows up this upcoming season.”

Throw all that together and that equates to a D+. The rest of the AFC East fared as follows:

Patriots: B

Bills: B

Jets: D

Getting a grade a fraction higher than the Jets has to be a silver lining.