Orlando “Big O” Alzugaray is souring on Goran Dragic a day after the Miami Heat was ousted from the postseason.

“One of the things Ive learned from Goran Dragic is he’s nervous about becoming an alpha because he doesn’t do it enough,” Big O said. “So when you occasionally become an alpha that tells me you’re just waiting for that day where the ball came your way, you were in a groove, you hit some baskets so you’re fine. But its not like you’re demanding and you expect it from yourself night in and night out and I don’t think Goran Dragic carries himself that way.

“I want you to be the alpha. I want you to want that the ball. I want you to demand that ball because you want to score because you want to be put in those tough situations… I don’t see Goran Dragic as the guy that says, OK, I know Dwyane Wade’s the man but I need the ball next. I need to score … Too inconsistent for me in the playoffs.”


It’s tough to be a full-blown alpha not only in today’s NBA where offenses predicated on ball movement and spacing are superior to isolation sets but also when Dwyane Wade is playing at a high level with a high usage rate.

For better or worse, Dragic’s role on this team this season was to be the No. 2/3 scoring option. He executed that role in the second half of the season and especially in the playoffs. It’s difficult for a team to optimize its offense against elite opponents down two impact big men in Chris Bosh and Hassan Whiteside.

Big O feels the need to point the finger at someone and apparently Dragic as caught his eye.

Erik Spoelstra should make an effort to ramp up Dragic’s role going forward as Wade inches towards retirement–pending they don’t get Kevin Durant, of course.

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