Could there be a LeBron James-to-Miami sequel in the works?

It’s widely known the Miami Heat will be targeting Kevin Durant — Dan Le Batard labeled him Miami’s No. 1 priority — in addition to having no plans to part with Dwyane Wade.

But ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith named LeBron as a player Miami could chase if he wins the title this year and wants out of Cleveland.

“They expect to have in excess of $30 million in cap space, $30 million-plus in this offseason. They are going to chase Kevin Durant unless the Cavaliers win in the Finals and LeBron James decides he wants to move on and possibly come back to Miami. They are going to take care of those priorities first. Obviously, they’re going to try to re-sign Hassan Whiteside, but Dwyane Wade is clearly in their plans.”


Considering the possibility of LeBron leaving is bizarre in itself but thinking he’s even more likely to leave after bringing Cleveland its first title in 2,000 years seems downright silly.

Compound that with Pat Riley’s fractured relationship with James and I’d put the odds of that parlay — a Cavs championship plus Heat reunion — at impossible.

Stephen A. might’ve been the first to predict LeBron James to Miami back in 2010 but this sounds like unsubstantiated yammering designed to pump up the Free Agency hype.

[H/T Heat Nation]