A 25-year-old Florida Man lacking rational thought decided to leap off the fifth floor of a 55-foot hotel in Tampa into a 6-foot swimming pool and lived to  only describe the stunt as “totally worth it” but also upload the video to Instagram, via Metro.UK:

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He said: ‘The key is just to have no fear. I took a couple of peaks over the edge but I was up there and down in two minutes.

‘It’s a pretty crazy feeling going through the air. Sometimes it takes a couple of seconds to realize: ‘Woah, I’m higher than I thought I was’.

Robbie added: ‘I know I’m taking a huge risk and that if it goes wrong, it could end really badly. But it’s totally worth it.’

The video was posted with the following caption: “So I don’t know what I was thinking today but that shit was dope.”

He forgot a hashtag: #FloridaMan