With immense disgust — and little surprise — we learn the Miami Marlins have sued at least nine season ticketholders and luxury suite owners since 2013, via an eye-opening report from the Miami New Times.

One such victim is Mickey Axelband, a season ticketholder since 1993 who backed out of his two-year ticket commitment — for damn good reason — after the team failed to deliver several promises.

But during numerous sales pitches, Axelband says, the Marlins promised first-floor parking in the stadium garage and a private entrance. There would also be a lounge with pre- and postgame buffets so season ticket­holders could arrive early or hang out late. Axelband happily paid $24,000 for the two-seat package (that’s $148 per seat for each game) — nearly double the $13,000 he’d ponied up for the final year at Dolphin Stadium. He agreed to a two-year deal. Although only the private lounge was actually written into the contract, Axelband says he had no reason to believe the team wouldn’t follow through.

But Marlins Park wasn’t the success the team had hoped for. By midseason, crowds had dwindled to near Dolphin Stadium levels, and the team began slashing expenses. Those nearby parking spaces? Gone. The private entrance? Closed to save money on the extra usher manning the door. The buffet was stocked with the same bland panini for every game. Soon the team shut it down in the sixth inning.

These all might seem like small details, but “that’s exactly what we paid all the extra money for,” he says. Worst of all, Axelband says when he wrote the team to complain, the Fish weren’t sympathetic. “I didn’t want my money back or anything, but I said, ‘Please give me back the stuff you promised.’ The answer I got back was basically, ‘Yeah, we know we took it all away, but tough shit.’ ”

Axelband decided to walk away. He knew he’d signed a two-year agreement, but the way he saw it, the team had failed to live up to its end. A month before the next season, he called and wrote the team a letter canceling his package. The Marlins could simply resell those 2012 season tickets, he figured, and life would go on.

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Life did not go on — the Marlins came out firing because of course they did. There were several stories of the same theme in the MNT article, which also states most teams in this situation consider the bad press/legal fees not worth pursuing the loss in revenue.

Not the tightwad Fish! As if we needed any more evidence this organization remains the slimiest in professional sports.

All the while this steaming turd of an organization is operating towards the bottom of league payroll in perpetuity. While David Samson blames the payroll on a lousy TV deal the team — not the fans — chose to sign in an attempt to make the most money in the long-term…

Every time you think this organization can do worse, they prove the contrary. It’s wise to never set a floor on how low they can sink because Loria and Samson will continue to drive this team into the bowels of the earth, suffocating the life out of professional baseball in South Florida. The team isn’t satisfied with merely popping the balloon that is Marlins fandom. No, they’ll devour asparagus, piss all over the balloon and then throw it in a blender.

And Marlins TV reporter Craig Minervini questions why fans don’t show and why the team isn’t covered like basketball or football.

Unfriend Craig on Facebook.

Do not support this franchise one iota. They’ve shown zero inclination of putting a quality product on the field outside of ONE offseason, proceeding to blow it all up shortly thereafter while choosing not to replace so much as a fraction of the salaries.

If you go to the games or watch this team on TV, you are doing a disservice to your city, its inhabitants, and your religion — Jeffrey Loria is the devil.

Make their pockets dry (if that’s even possible after revenue sharing) and maybe, one day, we’ll be fortunate enough to wake up and read the following headline: “Jeffrey Loria Sells, Whip Out the Pots and Pans.”

Until that day, screw the Miami Marlins.