In what amounts to peak Stugotz, the following exchange occurred on the Dan Le Batard Show this morning during the local hour when talking about the Toronto Raptors knotting the series with the Cleveland Cavaliers at two games apiece.

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Enter code HNYSLICE for 20% off

Le Batard: “I feel like a lot of people might be jumping to the conclusion — and I guess we’ll never know and can’t know — that this would be what the Heat would be doing to the Cavs and I don’t believe that.”

Stugotz: “Well, what do you mean? I don’t believe it either, maybe up 3-1 on the Cavs…”

Le Batard: “Because when you lose by 30 points in a Game 7  to somebody you’re not as good as they are… ”

You’re our boy, Stu.

If you’re reading this, your championship t-shirt is in production.