Stephen A. Smith continues to somewhat stand by his report of a possible LeBron-to-Miami return if the Cleveland Cavaliers win the title this season, clarifying where the info came from in an interview with the Golden Boyz — hosted by our boy Aaron Goldhammer — on ESPN Cleveland Wednesday.

“People in Miami believe he’s coming back if he wins the championship for the Cavaliers this year,” Smith said. “That’s what I’ve been told. ”

Later on in the interview Smith softened his stance some, going from “believe” to “strongly considering” to “a chance.”

“They believe he is strongly considering coming back to South Beach, but only if he wins. Everybody knows he cannot leave unless he fulfills his promise and wins a championship here…

“All I’m reporting definitively is Miami believes if he wins the championship they have a chance to get him back… they think they have a shot at getting him.”

I’m starting to believe Smith’s “people in Miami” are actually just random people in Miami talking shit at Hooters in Bayside.