Is Hassan Whiteside going to be the most coveted free agent available this summer?

Two-time NBA champion and Celtics broadcaster Cornbread Maxwell thinks so, pending LeBron James and Kevin Durant both stay put as expected.


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“I’d have to say yes because of what he’s able to do,” Maxwell said on Hochman, Crowder and Krantz. “He can defend the basketball, he rebounds, he’s become a much better scorer at his position. The biggest thing about him looks like he has matured a little bit when it comes to not getting flagrant fouls or doing dumb things on the floor.”

And that bodes for restricted free agent Andre Drummond as well, with Cornbread calling Whiteside  “the more desirable player.”


Whiteside may be the “sexiest” free agent available after Durant and James because of his entertaining style and immense upside but fellow free agent big man Al Horford is the more polished product on both ends of the court — a safer alternative.

But with most NBA teams swimming in cash and bigs like Whiteside generational in frequency, someone will sign him to a maximum contract with his annual salary starting in in the $22-million range, as long as that’s his primary desire.

🎙 Cornbread Maxwell on Hochman, Crowder, and Krantz [560 WQAM]