Over the last week, Twitter users in the Miami sports realm might’ve noticed some comical but tired back and forth over how much positive coverage the Miami Marlins deserve.

If you’re interested in the full recap head over to the Miami New Times, but it all started when Marlins TV host Craig Minervini displayed his disappointment with how the team is covered — a team that treats its fans like piles of dog poo.

NBC 6’s Adam Kuperstein kicked things off.

Another Marlins writer in Joe Frisaro joined in, saying the team should be supported because of how how hard the players and staff work…

Well, WQAM’s Joe Rose has had ENOUGH.

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“I played softball with Craig Minervini and he ain’t any good,” Rose quipped on his show this morning. “Getting into a pissing contest with Will and Craig, Craig sounds like a little bitch. He really does. Like stop Craig. Go have breakfast, go for a little workout, get a little walk in. Craig wasn’t a big workout guy when I knew him before but go for a little walk. Like seriously. Enough.

“I know Kup is just out to stir it up. Minervini’s the easiest guy to get. Minervini can get fired up… By the way, real weak on Joe Frisaro for not coming on today — social media tough guy.”

Part of the reason the Marlins aren’t covered like the Dolphins, Heat, or Hurricanes — besides it being nauseating for some to support a franchise run by the devil — is because their PR staff is infamously painful to deal with in regards to getting players and coaches for one-on-one interviews.

Rose attests to this, calling Marlins Director of Communications Matt Roebuck “the weakest media relations guy in the history of this town.”

The Big Dog has spoken.