Odds are Kevin Durant won’t be playing for the Miami Heat next season, but Dan Le Batard thinks the notion of dismissing the possibility is silly.

“It is funny how you guys react to the idea of the Durant-to-Miami talk,” Le Batard said during the local hour of his radio show Tuesday. “Now keep in mind they were throwing that out there on TNT yesterday.”

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“Shaq was the one throwing it out there. We can sit here and split hairs on it and I can see that it would be a long shot. I can see that Durant has talked about Boston in a way he hasn’t talked about Miami, that Durant to Washington, as his hometown, is something a lot of people have talked to because there are links and connections but I think that you’d be wrongheaded if I tell you the Miami Heat have been planning for X for years, to say it’s ridiculous that X is going to happen.

“I think it’s pretty silly to react that way when I tell you that Pat Riley has been planning for years to make that so and you were much stronger in this regard when Pat Riley was planning for years to get LeBron down here and cleared his roster in a way that left him with an all-or-nothing swing…”

Considering how much talent the Thunder has, Durant’s noted affinity for the city and its people, and Russell Westbrook having one more year on his deal, and his most likely scenario is to re-sign with the only NBA team he’s ever known with an opt-out after next season, allowing him to hit the market with his freakishly athletic sidekick next summer.

While it’s never wise to disregard Riley when it comes to making cannon-ball splashes, the odds are heavily against it. With a month until Free Agency, let’s continue to dream.

Notice Durant’s hat