Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports published a polarizing column today in ranking NFL quarterbacks across seven tiers and even the more moderate Ryan Tannehill fans are going to be irked.

The NFL insider placed the Miami Dolphins quarterback in Tier 6 (the 25-30 range), which also contains such “talents” as Tyrod Taylor, Robert Griffin III, Brock Osweiler, Sam Bradford, and Blaine Gabbert.

La Canfora says the Miami Dolphins’ starter “doesn’t make big boy reads or throws” and slotted him in the tier he describes as, “good luck with these guys.”

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The only players below him in Tier 7 were the two highly drafted rookies in Paxton Lynch and Jared Goff because they’re unproven.

While Tannehill has had an up-and-down career, failing to prove his worth as a Top 10 draft pick, this ranking paints him as a Chad Henne-type of failure, someone who is incapable of winning games while severely holding a team back.

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Ranking rising youngsters like Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, and Derek Carr — all in Tier 3 — ahead of Tannehill isn’t an egregious move but is Tannehill really THREE tiers behind them? No chance.

Much of what heightened No. 17’s issues last season was out of his control — he had a terrible line (again), horrid coaching staff that handcuffed him, and played out of perpetual third-and-long situations, which doesn’t bode well for any quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill isn’t a superstar and will never be the type of slinger who can put his team in the constant 10-win conversation based on mere presence like a Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers but he’s most likely a Tier 4 QB, which La Canfora describes as, “the guys that can be winning quarterbacks,” or — AT WORST — Tier 5 (“guys, veterans and place holders”).

Tier 4: Andy Dalton, Blake Bortles, Kirk Cousins, Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, and Teddy Bridgewater.

Tier 5: Alex Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Jay Cutler.

Tannehill is no worse than average, which might not be the glowing review Dolphins fans want to hear, but you can do much, much worse than Ryan Tannehill as your starting quarterback.