Tony Kornheiser is following the herd with the Cleveland Cavaliers down 2-0 in the NBA Finals, bashing LeBron James‘ supporting cast while pointing out the Kyrie IrvingKevin Love duo is inferior to the Dwyane WadeChris Bosh tandem the King had with the Miami Heat.

“His teammates aren’t any good,” Kornheiser said on PTI Tuesday as anti-Miami gasbag Mike Wilbon pleaded for LeBron to do more. “I understand that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are fine players but they’re not Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh right now.

“LeBron James was for six or seven or eight years, maybe even 10 years, the best player in basketball and he overpowered people and he’s still one of the best players — maybe second best right now — but he’s not working with as much as he worked with in Miami. I don’t know what he can do.”

The only issue with this — and God bless Twitter — is Kornheiser had a conflicting take in July of 2014 before the Cavs traded for Love, as PTI producer Tony Reali pointed out on Twitter so long ago (courtesy of @ColdTakesExposed).

Enerbee-Whole-Foods copyToday, Kornheiser is not wrong in pointing out LeBron’s current No. 2 and No. 3 are inferior to his former tandem of Bosh and Wade. The biggest difference? On the defensive end.

Bosh provided excellent pick-and-roll defense while Wade produced elite help D in the form of steals and blocks while also ramping up his on-ball defense in the big moments. Today, the Irving-Love combo is a disaster and the worst tandem in basketball at defending the pick and roll.