Talk of Kevin Durant’s impending Free Agency has chilled during the NBA Finals, but Miami Heat fans are going to be thrilled with Brian Scalabrine’s take on where the sharpshooting superstar could sign if he leaves Oklahoma City.

“If Kevin Durant goes to Miami, I’m not shocked,” he said on the Ethan Skonick Show with Chris Wittyngham last night. “I’m not shocked at all. I think they will be a player. Will they do it? I don’t know. Will Kevin Durant leave? I don’t know, but you have to at least look at Miami.”

In a video for Yahoo Sports’ The Vertical, the White Mamba also named Miami as his top free agent destination.

While Scalabrine is engrained with the Boston Celtics, having played there and worked as a broadcaster for gang green, his reputation has to be climbing within Heat Nation.

I agree Durant should look at Miami if winning a title is his No. 1 priority for the reasons outlined here. The question is whether he’s really going to consider leaving Russell Westbrook and the only NBA team he’s ever known after coming so close to an NBA Finals appearance.