Immediately upon returning to Coral Gables, Mark Richt realized the Miami Hurricanes had a size issue.

“The very first meeting, my first impression was where’s the big dudes?” Richt said in an interview on Zaslow and Romberg. “And I was like, oh man, we really don’t have many big human beings here compared to what I was used to looking at, not only when I was at Georgia but the people who we would play. Then over time I realized we had a few more big men than I thought.

“It’s still in a lot of ways, big, strong, physical, fast guys will beat guys that are not quite as big, strong, and physical so we want to make sure we recruit the right guys and develop them right.”

In reality, Richt’s first impression might’ve been false.

Georgia’s 2015 roster had eight players weighing 300 pounds or more, whereas Miami’s 2015 roster actually had 22 players weighing 300 pounds or more.

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