Fresh off hitting the hardest ball in baseball history (123.9 mph) — for a double play — Giancarlo Stanton continues his colossal slump and if it continues, that fat $325-million contract he signed in 2014 makes him “not tradable,” according to Dan Le Batard.

“Stanton is the big, sexy hollywood thing — power — but plate discipline… never had it and now he is in a frail place where not even someone as accomplished as Barry Bonds can help him,” Le Batard said during the local hour of his radio show. “It’s the loneliest place in the world in sports because your teammates can’t help you. They had 18 hits last night, they won the game — he’s dragging this team down.

“They’re a couple of games over .500, they’re getting outscored but they might actually be good if Stanton was playing somewhere close to what his contract suggests he should be producing. But he’s the worst hitter in baseball.”

Enerbee-Whole-Foods copyAs the most powerful man in baseball, Stanton is “hitting” .197, which ranks 172nd of 174 players to qualify. Meanwhile his .305 on-base percentage is kind of cool because it’s Miami’s major area code but ranks 130th league wide. His slugging percentage of .425 ranks not quite as horrid at 103rd.

Stanton is absolutely having a nightmare season but “the worst hitter in baseball” is a bit of a stretch considering he’s still on pace to smash 32 home runs. Jeffrey Loria, a man proven to have a quick trigger, is probably abusing his dog over that contract.

Giancarlo Stanton, where art thou?

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