Every summer reignites the same sham.

After NBA Free Agency, when there’s nothing going on in the unintentionally entertaining world of Miami sports  — the Marlins don’t qualify because they’re not a real organization — the Miami Dolphins are able to cleanse themselves of the stink emanating from the prior seasons.

Yes, the arrival of Adam Gase, Mario Williams, Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell could prove to be worthy additions despite the losses of Olivier Vernon, Lamar Miller, Brent Grimes, and others.

Ryan Tannehill could experience a breakthrough with more freedom in the offense.

Enerbee-Bottle-WF-124x300Mike Tannenbaum could hit big with rookies Laremy Tunsil, Xavien Howard, Leonte Caroo, Kenyan Drake, and Jakeem Grant.


Do not drink another ounce of that Miami Dolphins summer kool-aid.

Put the goddamn cup down.

It’s important to remember this cleanse occurs organically every single season, and is most potent after a major change — like a new head coach or quarterback. Dolphins fans want to believe the suffering is over and that next year will be different. By the end of summer many will believe. After months of hype and unrelenting positivity being stuffed down their throats as the Gase Era takes hold.

Let’s rewind to the start of the Philbin/Tannehill Era when we let that hope latch onto our souls. Let’s hold hands as we get through some of these painful memories together.


Or Aaron Rodgers “had a huge impact on the offense.”





Stephen Ross’ comments last summer:

“This is the best roster you’ve seen in Miami in many years,” Ross said. “I think our season ticket sales are up. There’s a lot of excitement in the city with what we’ve done…”

“I think the Dolphins are a team that’s kind of capturing the imagination over the whole entire fan base here in South Florida.”

Former Dolphins reporter Jeff Darlington’s comments last summer:


Fast-forward to today and we see a similar theme:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 1.46.33 PM

Rating unproven rookies is a reckless act of futility.

The point of this exercise is not to force you to reach for a bottle of whiskey at 10:30 in the morning — though I’m doing a good job at that. It’s to remember the hurt and shed the label of perpetual fool.

Don’t get bamboozled into thinking this is the year. Don’t buy more Dolphins gear. Forget season tickets, as you won’t give a shit about that canopy if the team is getting mauled.

Pound the emergency brakes.

Hell, it’s not even Training Camp and already the Kool-Aid is flowing.

Remember that with this team, the hope precedes the suffering. Don’t buy back in until this franchise proves itself worthy of said hope.

Not until Tannehill proves he’s capable of playing at a high level on a consistent basis (against regular-season opponents) or they find a quarterback who can.

Not until Gase proves he can put the team in winning situations and not hold them back like Philbin before him or they find a coach who can.

Generally speaking I’m a positive human being. There I was last summer thinking this was a 9-to-11 win team like many others. Thinking Tannehill had finally turned the corner.

Dolphins fan, don’t be a fool and make the same mistake we make every single summer.

Make them earn your hope.