Still a few weeks out from what could be a splashy NBA Free Agency, and Bill Simmons is wetting his jammies thinking about Kevin Durant taking his talents to the Miami Heat.

“That’s my fear for Durant next year if he leaves,” Simmons said on his recent podcast with Bulls wing Jimmy Butler.

“Everyone thinks like if Durant leaves to get his own team, he’d go to Washington because that’s where he’s from or he’d go to Boston because we have the most assets or he’d go to the Lakers because he has a house here — I get scared anytime Miami has a chance to get somebody who’s really good because they just have a track record of getting these people to South Beach.”

This marks two Bostonians who wouldn’t be surprised if Durant starts his next chapter in Miami, with Simmons joining former Celtic and current broadcaster Brian “White Mamba” Scalabrine.

All Pat Riley needs is a room with this summer’s free-agent whale. Give Riles a chance to turn on that Godfather charm and magic just might ensue, as it did in 2010 when Chris Bosh and LeBron James joined Dwyane Wade in Miami.

Much to the majority’s dismay, Miami would actually give Kevin a better chance to win a title than Oklahoma City.

Buckle up.

Hat tip to #HeGone President @MikeScriba for bringing Simmons’ comments to our attention.