What was LeBron‘s secret motivation to winning a title for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

It turns out it was a comment most likely made by Miami Heat President Pat Riley two years ago when James left Miami — one surely made in the heat of an emotional moment.

Though James never answered the question about his “secret motivation” in the presser after winning Game 7 of the NBA Finals he did tell the reporter who asked it afterwards.

“He mentioned in last year’s finals and everyone wanted to know what it was,” ESPN’s Dave McMenamin said on Sportscenter. “He told me it was someone in miami who told him — someone he trusted, someone he believed in — who said, you’re making the biggest mistake of your career. He said it really hurt him to hear those words.”

Enerbee-Bottle-WF-124x300LeBron didn’t name names but there’s no question it’s Pat Riley, right? No way it’d Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh. No way it’s chill Heat owner Micky Arison. The only way it makes sense is if it’s Pat.

“Someone he believed in.”

For the first time in a long time, Riley doesn’t look good, though it’s not in the same realm of Dan Gilbert, who wrote LeBron that Comic Sans-infused embarrassment of a letter back in 2010. Riles was likely pissed about not just the fact the best player on the planet was leaving him but how he chose to do it.

Since that moment, LeBron proved everyone wrong, including the man who gave him that championship blueprint in Miami.