In the celebratory moments after the Cleveland Cavaliers became the 2016 NBA champions — that feels strange to write — GM David Griffin was overheard yelling quite the anti-Heat obscenity at personal friend and ESPN analyst Amin Elhassan, made in jest of course.

“Just a Griff moment that I happened to witness,” Lowe was telling Brian Windhorst on his podcast. “Our man Amin Elhassan, who was on Heat Island all year and worked for the Suns when Grif was there and is personal friends with Griff, is going to say hi to him outside the locker room after they win and Griff is soaked in champagne. Griff comes up and gives him a big hug and just goes, ‘F Heat island boy, F Heat island’ — he didn’t say eff, he said the actual word that I can’t repeat — and Amin just took it and smiled and laughed. It was great.”

Some context: Elhassan was declaring the Miami Heat would win the Eastern Conference for most of the season and named himself the Governor of “Heat Island,” as everyone else in the national media had Cleveland winning the conference.

Long live Heat Island.