Brian Windhorst is as familiar with LeBron James as anyone, having covered the 2016 NBA Finals MVP since his high school days.

Does Windy feel there’s a chance LeBron doesn’t defend his title with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Enerbee-Bottle-WF-124x300“Watching him at the airport yesterday you’re going to have a hard time selling me he’s not coming back for ring night,” Windhorst said on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “I can’t see it. But I’ve been around right now too long to rule anything out. You’d have to be a fool to rule anything out. In fact with the billion dollars in cap space right now there is literally no scenario that you can present to me that I can tell you is impossible.”

The NBA salary cap is now expected to soar to $94 million, roughly a $24-million spike and clearing the way for most everyone to offer at least one max contract.

“When I look at LeBron, you can present me a whole battery of options and I couldn’t with a straight face tell you that they’re impossible,” Windhorst said. “I have a hard time believing, being in that locker room the other night and seeing LeBron yesterday that he has any intention of leaving but I’m not gonna rule it out.

“Go find me the example of a guy who didn’t want to repeat on his championship.”

Windy made a good point when asking what superstar cornerstone in major team sports decided not to defend a title. I can’t think of any. Can you? Yet LeBron is also so independent, he can defend his title anywhere, as Mike Ryan clarified.

Windhorst also stated on Zach Lowe’s podcast today that “you can scratch off Miami” from LeBron’s potential suitors after revealing his “secret motivation” to winning the title was Pat Riley’s comments two years ago.

Later in the show, Le Batard says he thinks a super team of James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chirs Paul “is going to happen.”

James is the most unpredictable superstar in NBA history. But Miami Heat fans shouldn’t consider a return to South Beach as a plausible scenario at this point.